Laptop Battery R580 AA-PB9NC6B For Samsung NP-R519 R530 RV408 NP-RV510

AU $36.17


Battery Type:  Li-ion
Voltage : 11.1V

Full Capacity :4400mAh

Label Capacity: 5200mAh

Product Type : 100% Brand New
Condition : Brand New, 24 months warranty!Certificated by CE & Rohs !!

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Laptop Compatible Models:

NP-R478 Series R428-DS04 R465
NP-R480 Series R428-DS08 R466
NP-R507 Series R428-DS09 R467
NP-R519 R428-DS0A R468
NP-R522 Series R428-DS0B R470
NP-R530 R428-DS0E R478
NP-R548 R428-DS0L R480
NP-R580 R428-DS0M R503
NP-R620 R428-DS0N R507
NP-R700 Series R428-DS0P R517 Series
NP-R710 Series R428-DS0R R519 Series
NP-R719 R429 R520 Series
NP-RF411 R429-DS05 R522
NP-RF510 R429-DS06 R538
NP-RF710 R429-DS07 R580
Q320 R429-DS0A R620 Series
Q320-32P R429-DS0B R718 Series
Q320-FS01 R429-DS0C R719
Q320-FS01UK R430 R720 Series
Q320-FS01US R431 R780 Series
Q430 R438 X360
R428 R458 R540
R428-DA04 R463 R530
R428-DS01 R464 M730
RC408 Series NT-RF711 Series NP-E452
NP-RC408 Series NP-RF711 Series NT-E452
NT-RC408 Series RF711 Series SE20 Series
RC508 Series NT-RF511 Series NP-SE20 Series
NP-RC508 Series NP-RF511 Series NT-SE20 Series
NT-RC508 Series RF511 Series E3415
RC708 Series P230-JS02 NP-E3415
NP-RC708 Series P230-JS02CN NT-E3415
NT-RC708 Series NP-P230-JS02CN E3420
RC410 Series P530 Battery NP-E3420
NP-RC410 Series NT-P530 Series NT-E3420
NT-RC410 Series P230-JS03
RC420 Series NP-P230 Series
NP-RC420 Series NP-P230E
NT-RC420 Series P530 Series
RC518 Series NT-P530-JA07
NP-RC518 Series NP-P580 Series
NT-RC518 Series E251
RC520 Series NP-E251
NP-RC520 Series NP-E251E
NT-RC520 Series E152 Series
RC510 Series NP-E152 Series
NP-RC510 Series NP-E152E Series
NT-RC510 Series E252
 NP300E E372
 NP300E4ZI E271
 NP300E3A NP-E271
 NP300E5A NT-E271
 NP300E4A E452 Series
 NP300E5AH NP-E452 Series
 NP300E4AH NT-E452 Series
 NP300E5AI E272 Series
 NP300E4AI NP-E272 Series
 NP300E5Z NT-E272 Series
 NP300E4Z SE20 Series
 NP300E5ZH NP-SE20 Series
 NP300E4ZH NT-SE20 Series
 NP300E5ZI E452 Series
 NP300E7A NP-E452 Series
 NP300E7AH NT-E452 Series


 RV409 Series(All)  RV410 Series(All)  RV410L Series
 RV409-A01  RV409-A01TH  RV409-A01VN  RV410-A01  RV410-A02  RV410-S01
 RV409-A02  RV409-A02MY  RV409-A02VN  NP-RV410 Series(All)  NP-RV410L Series
 RV409-A03  RV409-A03TH  RV409-A04  NP-RV410-A02  NP-RV410-A02IN  NP-RV410-A02RU
 RV409-A04IN  RV409-S01  RV409-S01VN  NP-RV410-S01  NP-RV410I
 RV409-S02  RV409-S02TH  RV409-S02VN  NT-RV410 Series(All)  NT-RV410L Series
 RV409-S03  RV409-S03TH  RV409E  RV415 Series(All)  NP-RV415 Series(All)
 RV409E-S01  RV409E-S01VN  RV409I  NT-RV415 Series(All)
 NP-RV409 Series(All)  RV510 Series(All)
 NP-RV409-A01  NP-RV409-A01TH  NP-RV409-A01VN  RV510-A01  RV510-A01AU  RV510-A02
 NP-RV409-A02  NP-RV409-A02MY  NP-RV409-A02VN  RV510-A03  RV510-A04  RV510-A05
 NP-RV409-A03  NP-RV409-A03IN  NP-RV409-A03TH  RV510-A08UK  RV510-A09UK  RV510-A0A
 NP-RV409-A04  NP-RV409-A04IN  NP-RV409-S01  RV510-S01  RV510-S02  RV510-S03
 NP-RV409-S01VN  NP-RV409-S02  NP-RV409-S02VN  NP-RV510 Series(All)
 NP-RV409E  NP-RV409E-S01  NP-RV409E-S01VN  NP-RV510-A01CA  NP-RV510-A01US  NP-RV510-A02ZA
 NP-RV409I  NP-RV510-A04UK  NP-RV510-A05UK  NP-RV510-A08UK
 NT-RV409 Series(All)  NP-RV510-A09UK  NP-RV510-A0AUK  NP-RV510-S01RU
 NT-RV409-AD4S  NP-RV510-S01ZA
 RV515  NP-RV515 Series(All)  NT-RV515  NT-RV510 Series(All)
 RV509 Series(All)  RV511 Battery Fit machine:
 RV509-A01  RV509-A01BG  RV509-A01HU  RV511 Series(All)
 RV509-A01RO  RV509-A02  RV509-A03  RV511-A01  RV511-A02  RV511-A03
 RV509-A04  RV509-A05  RV509-A06  RV511-A03AU  RV511-A04  RV511-A04AU
 RV509-S01  RV509-S01VN  RV509-S02  RV511-A06  RV511-A06UK  RV511-A07
 RV509-S02VN  RV509-S03  RV509-S03UA  RV511-A07UK  RV511-GGX  RV511-S01
 RV509E  RV509I  RV511-S01UK  RV511-S02  RV511-S03
 NP-RV509 Series(All)  RV511-S03FR  RV511-S04  RV511-S05
 NP-RV509-A  NP-RV509-A01  NP-RV509-A01EE  RV511-S05ES etc
 NP-RV509-A01HU  NP-RV509-A01RO  NP-RV509-A02  NT-RV511 Battery Fit machine:
 NP-RV509-A02EE  NP-RV509-A02UA  NP-RV509-A03  NT-RV511 Series(All)
 NP-RV509-A03UA  NP-RV509-A04  NP-RV509-A04UA  NT-RV511-A53  NT-RV511-A53D  NT-RV511-A53S
 NP-RV509-A06  NP-RV509-A06IN  NP-RV509-A07  NT-RV511-A55  NT-RV511-S33S  NT-RV511-S35
 NP-RV509-A07IN  NP-RV509-S01  NP-RV509-S01BG  NT-RV511-S53  NT-RV511-S53S
 NP-RV511 Battery Fit machine:  RV711 Series  NP-RV711 Series  NT-RV711 Series
 NP-RV511 Series(All)  RV709 Series  NP-RV709 Series  NT-RV709 Series
 NP-RV511-A01  NP-RV511-A01UK  NP-RV511-A02
 NP-RV511-A02DE  NP-RV511-A05  NP-RV511-A05AU
 NP-RV511-A06  NP-RV511-A06UK  NP-RV511-A07
 NP-RV511-A07UK  NP-RV511-S01  NP-RV511-S01CN
 NP-RV511-S01UK  NP-RV511-S02  NP-RV511-S02CN
 NP-RV511-S02DE  NP-RV511-S02IT  NP-RV511-S02UK
 NP-RV511-S03DE  NP-RV511-S03FR  NP-RV511-S04D

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