A31N1519 Battery for ASUS X540 X540L X540LA X540LJ X540S X540SA X540SC X540YA A540 A540LA F540SC R540S R540SA

AU $35.29


Battery Type:  Li-ion
Voltage : 11.25V


Product Type : Replacement Battery (100% Brand New)
Condition : Brand New, 24 months warranty!Certificated by CE & Rohs !!

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For Asus A540
– A540LA: A540LA-DM625D A540LA-XX014R A540LA-XX016 A540LA-XX016D A540LA-XX016T A540LA-XX039D A540LA-XX202T A540LA-XX289T A540LA-XX373T A540LA-XX521R

For Asus F540
– F540LA: F540LA-XX030T F540LA-XX040T F540LA-XX057T F540LA-XX058T F540LA-XX059 F540LA-XX059T F540LA-XX060D F540LA-XX069T F540LA-XX122D F540LA-XX274T F540LA-XX458T
– F540LJ: F540LJ-XX028T
– F540SA: F540SA-XX073D F540SA-XX073T F540SA-XX087T F540SA-XX088T F540SA-XX090T F540SA-XX091T
– F540SC: F540SC-XX008T F540SC-XX030T F540SC-XX068T F540UP7200

For Asus R540
– R540LA: R540LA-DM088T R540LA-DM099R R540LA-DM740T R540LA-XX011T R540LA-XX020T R540LA-XX087T R540LA-XX092T R540LA-XX093T R540LA-XX106T R540LA-XX247T R540LA-XX249T R540LA-XX254T R540LA-XX325T R540LA-XX411T
– R540LJ: R540LJ-XX253T R540LJ-XX299T R540LJ-XX300T R540LJ-XX301T R540LJ-XX340T
– R540SA: R540SA-XX022T R540SA-XX040T R540SA-XX056T R540SA-XX222T R540SA-XX319T
– R540UP

For Asus X540
– X540LA: X540LA-1A X540LA-1C X540LA-3F X540LA-3G X540LA-3H X540LA-XX002T X540LA-XX003T X540LA-XX004T X540LA-XX013T X540LA-XX021T
– X540LJ: X540LJ-1A X540LJ-1C X540LJ-3F X540LJ-3G X540LJ-3H X540LJ-XX001T X540LJ-XX014T X540LJ-XX015T X540LJ-XX044T
– X540SA: X540SA-1A X540SA-1C X540SA-3F X540SA-3G X540SA-3H X540SA-XX012T X540SA-XX020T X540SA-XX041D X540SA-XX041T X540SA-XX085T
– X540SC: X540SC-1A X540SC-1C X540SC-3F X540SC-3G X540SC-3H
– X540YA: X540YA-1A X540YA-1C X540YA-3F

For ASUS A31N1519


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